June 3, 2013

  • Interesting Exercise Buddy Today

    I exercised about 80 minutes at cardiac rehab. The last 45 minutes went fast since the fellow next to me was so interesting and talkative….retired telecommunications professor emeritus, Steve Bell, who was also former ABC news anchor and foreign correspondent during the Vietnam War days. He’s also a close friend to Ted Koppel (close enough to be godfather to one of his children) so brought me up to date about Koppel’s family. I always liked Ted’s daughter Andrea Koppel when she appeared regularly on the TV news programs. Anyway, having an “exercise buddy” always makes the time go fast. Bell said he’d be sure to remember my name since is wife’s name is also “Joyce.” The first photo of Bell was taken in 2012…he does have a portable oxygen unit and now has to walk with a cane…and is almost 4 years younger than I am…I am blessed. The other photo was taken when he was news anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America. I meet some very interesting people in the cardiac rehab center!



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  • I guess you do!

  • @ata_grandma - Thanks for the visit. Bell is a very nice man but both his knees are really shot…says it is bone on bone….am sure it is painful. He really knew all about all the presidents and their staffs, etc. A real treat for this news junkie! I hope he’ll be on the machine next to me again. I’d like to ask him about his years covering the war in Vietnam and his time covering China during Mao’s Communist regime.

  • Very cool! A newsman and a political junkie in the same room! I bet it was the best workout you’ve ever had!

  • @murisopsis -  Pretty close….but really the most interesting one for sure.

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