February 14, 2014

  • My Valentine

    Here’s a sampler done by my late husband. He had to keep his hands busy when he had to give up pipe smoking so turned to the counted cross stitching…hooking rugs proved to be too hot in the summer. He put his “LLL” initials in in but stitched MY name at the bottom since he was doing it for me. The words really are a harsh reminder to us about the wages of sin and certainly not romantic, but this very large sampler is like an eternal Valentine and expression of love for me. There are many Christian symbols in this. Can you see some of them…besides the Tree of Knowledge and Adam and Eve I mean? He made so many nice samplers for me and our daughters and for friends’ children’s weddings. He was a talented fellow and found this way to express his artistic side.

    From Genesis

    From Genesis

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