June 28, 2014

  • Making me an offer probably won’t refuse!

    Daisies June 2014Maybe replacing my old electric range with a newer looking one did it. Or maybe it was the lingering odor of the loaf of bread I’d baked a few hours before….or the lovely daisies blooming in my front flower garden. But whatever it was, my Prudential real estate agent called to say a good offer had been made….a much better one than the one made over 8 months ago. I have the weekend to think it over and accept or make a counter offer. There will be a lot of things I’ll need to give to my daughters and lots to sell, etc. I plan to be out of here by the end of summer if possible. It isn’t a done deal yet, however. It is amazing how much “stuff” has accumulated while living here the past 23 years!

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  • As I said on my reply to your comment – WooHoo! Congratulations!! I’m sure this will be a relief and a sorrow saying farewell to so many long time friends. You will be able to visit… I’m sure that they would give you a place to sleep, feed you and enjoy your company for a few days! Heck, we have an airport too! You are welcome to visit anytime… of course we’ll have to visit PA more often now too.

  • Great news Joyce. Congratulations to you for being able to sell it. Your neighbors and friends will miss you, and of course the daisies in the front garden.

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