May 23, 2014

  • Missing My Old Friend!

    Thursday evening I decided a French Bread pizza would “hit the spot” so did one for a few minutes in the microwave and then put it in my range oven to get it crispy … set the timer for 15 min. It was perfect in about 11 minutes so turned off oven and a FLASH came from the oven knob accompanied by a loud BANG! My 25 year old General Electric range is now completely dead I fear. The range hood is the only thing working since it’s completely detached from the range. I am missing my old friend but it did give me a good excuse to eat out with my friend Elaine who said she has a single portable burner I can use for using my skillets, etc.

    My neighbor Monique insisted on loaning me an Oster toaster oven she had in her garage. I’ll be able to toast or broil or bake with it. The microwave and my ancient crock pot and the large George Foreman grill and a big enough for a turkey roaster oven stored in my garage will be enable me to get along without my range for now.

    With the condo for sale I don’t feel like getting a brand new range which may or may not be the kind a buyer for my place would want anyway. Besides it might be too hard to get a new one to match the light almond or bone color of my three year old refrigerator and dishwasher. Hmmmmm….what to do….any suggestions?

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  • My only suggestion is to wait for right now, since you have other ways to cook. Maybe later something will turn up.

  • they will expect a working stove though won’t the buyers? I would say get any old one to pass the open house.

  • I think you can probably go to the secondhand store and get one – any old one will do as long as it actually works!

  • So sorry that you lost that old faithful. I think you could probably do some research on google and Amazon for similar color appliances. All the best in your search. I am happy you have such good friends.

  • Thanks everyone for the wise suggestions and comments….Val and I will look for one tomorrow since the stores are having Memorial Day sales, etc. Also I’ll talk to my realtor about what to do about it.

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