June 19, 2014

  • Problem Solved!

    Thanks to such good advice, I found a lovely slightly used electric range….same brand and color as my dishwasher and it cost about 1/4 the price of getting a new one. With my new range, my toaster oven (which will broil, bake, toast and has a convection oven) gift from my sweet neighbor, my new electric skillet, the crock pot, and the large George Foreman grill (which I may give away)I will not lack for the where-with-all to conjure up my own or prepare many of the interesting recipes Facebook friends are always posting! The old worn out friend will no doubt be repaired (if possible) and sold or used for parts by Appliance Express. At least, it was very clean in its final days before being hauled away.

    Everything working fine!

    Everything working fine!

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