August 10, 2013

  • Exercising and Getting Creative Too

    I was very, very good this week in exercising every day at the Cardiac-Rehab Center. I manage to work up a sweat and get my heart (pulse) rate up 30 to 40 beats higher than at rest. It really helps to have an “exercise partner” … a person nearby to converse with to make the time pass….or seem to pass….more quickly. My doctor told me I didn’t need to lose any weight, but since I’ve been going to the center the past 3 + months, I have lost around seven pounds….just by exercising more than before. I’m also getting good biceps. In the meantime, my condo is still for sale. It’s been on the market almost a year. Unfortunately there are about 6 or 7 others in this condo community also for sale, and the local housing market has a long way to go…..and I did bury St. Joseph upside down by the “For Sale” sign and did all the prayers and the Novena for nine days including the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. My cousin in New Mexico who was a very successful realtor for more than 20 years and who also is Catholic by the way….and a former nun to boot, said it works about as well as tossing chicken bones over the left shoulder. Will do that next, ha!

    For fun I’ve been turning photos in to paintings via PhotoMania. Here are some that I’ve done of the daughters, etc.

    From left to right: Daughters Andrea, Val (aka murisopsis), Stephanie, G’ma Joyce, and granddaughter Colleen. It is fun to do this. I did notice Val’s eyes look dark brown instead of their actual color…..but still fun and very addictive too!


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  • What fun the turning photos into paintings. I love to take photos and I am going to get back to that this fall. It gives me an excuse to be outside and walk too. I also going to volunteer at a pet rescue to walk dogs. Part of my commitment to exercising and health. I got a single bed today traded my grandson. It will give me more room for my treadmill which I use a lot in the winter. I love to go to the gym though it is a great gym with lots of seniors as well as other young people. My insurance pays for it that is a plus. Judi

  • Beautiful ladies, all of you.

  • Hehe! THat is an OLD photo of me… Change the contrast to lighten the photo and then do the paint – should make my eyes the right color..

  • @murisopsis - But you DO look great with your hair fixed that way….really a lovely style for you. You should try that same style again someday!

  • @ata_grandma - Thank you very much….but my dad always said, “Pretty is as pretty does”!

  • @jassmine -  I’m just thankful that I can do as well as I do. I am getting old and hope I can keep it up! Most people at the rehab center are nearly or already retired….some older than my 81 years….a few young ones with breathing or heart conditions….and others fighting obesity. A pretty social bunch of people there most times I’ve gone. Glad you got your bed. When I move I’ll need to get rid of this big King size bed and brass headboard….a single or double bed will be all I’ll need.

  • I had never heard that. What fun. I will check that site out and see if I too can play.

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