June 8, 2013

  • It’s Not Summer Without a Big Brim Hat!

    I was cleaning out closet and saw some of my summer hats, three which I’ve not worn for ages, just gathering dust on the top shelf. I got them down and decided I’d wear one to church tomorrow if it’s not raining! Everyone, especially fair skinned red heads like me, need to keep out of the sun’s harmful rays! So why not wear these hats this summer. I have yellow and turquoise colored ones just like the brown one below….plus a lot of others resting safely in some rather ancient round cardboard hatboxes! Those boxes are as old a my children who qualify for AARP membership. I’ve always loved hats….especially big brim picture hats. My Grandma Bessie’s used to let me try on all her hats when she was redecorating them with colorful silk flowers she’d purchased to get them ready and looking like new for the for the spring and summer….she would have made a good milliner. Below are some of the favorite big brim hats I’ve worn. 

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  • I’ve never worn hats. I don’t even know where you buy them anymore. I’m developing a thin spot (bald?) on the back of my head since I’ve had to take coumadin, so I’m thinking it might be a good idea to start wearing hats. Yours look good on you.

  • I love the big black and white hat.

  • @ata_grandma -  I know this sounds strange, but back in the 1940′s when my mother developed a bald spot about the size of a 1/2 dollar, my Grandma Bessie told her to go get some mange medicine from the drugstore (pet store maybe now). She used it and her hair grew back just as nice and thick as before. Perhaps the scalp massage when using that medicine helped too! I’ve been on Plavix blood thinner for a little over a year now but haven’t noticed any hair thinning. Dr. said this week that I can stop using it. I also take the vitamin supplement Biotin which is supposed to help with hair, nails, etc. Thanks for the visit, by the way.

  • @saintvi -  That was the hat I found at the big department store in Philadelphia. It felt great! Unfortunately the price was as big as the hat, but daughter took my picture in it. Trying to find the picture of the first grownup big brim Easter hat I had at age 15…a crocheted black straw one that was beautiful.

  • Big hats make me look like a pinhead. Besides most of them fall over my ears and then cover my eyes….

  • @Gma_Joyce - Thanks. I think I will try the Biotin first. Why were you taking Plavix? I’m taking coumadin because of a stroke. I’ve asked my docs if I can ever stop taking it, and they said No! I think I will stop anyway in 5 years, when I am 80.

  • @ata_grandma -  I had blockages in arteries to heart … had 2 stents on the left side a year ago last March and had to be on the Plavix and its generic for a year afterward and then had my abdominal aortic aneurysm repaired last October. Stopped taking the Plavix today.

    It takes awhile for the biotin to show results but after a year, I noticed some improvement. In the meantime it won’t hurt to keep massaging your scalp to keep the blood circulating there. Getting older is a challenge sometimes, yes?

  • Yes, it is a challenge, but then, so is all of life. It helps to have friends who can encourage us. Thanks.

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