January 23, 2014

  • What Will Be…Will Be

    The view from my kitchen window this January….
    Winter storm Jan 2014

    I haven’t posted anything for such a long, long time. The doctors decided I’m doing so very well, I really don’t need to have another stent since other arteries have taken over. I really was so glad about that!

    In the meantime, I still have a “For Sale” sign in my front yard….did have one cash buyer make an offer….so insultingly low I turned it down. I’m motivated but not desperate! And I don’t want to take a loss. A couple did look at my place a couple of days ago and liked it but are just looking since their own home has to sell first. Perhaps things will pick up in the spring when things are all in bloom.

    I AM getting tired of being so neat and “uncluttered” to the point I forget sometimes where I have stored the personal items and pictures that had been on tables….even my late husband’s ashes! My friend Elaine noticed the container with Leonard’s ashes was not in its usual place on the table with the bowl of lovely stones to place on top of it, in recognition of my husband’s Jewish heritage altho’ cremation is taboo. I also had a lovely olive wood statue (made in the Holy Land) of Jesus the Good Shepherd next to his ashes since my husband had become a Christian on his own at the age of 10. I had to think for awhile about where I’d stored it… then it came to me and without thinking how it would sound, I replied: “Oh, he’s in the hall closet with Jesus.” Elaine had lost her husband the year before, but that really made her laugh until she cried. “Maybe they’re having a nice conversation in there” was her comment. We both may have lost our dear husbands but not our sense of humor.

    I’ve decided what will be…will be! Remember Doris Day’s hit song with that title? “Que Sera, Sera.” Always loved it. I’ll bend in the wind and roll with the punches! And I’ll try to stay warm in this zero weather.

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  • I’m going to have to go buy a St. Joseph statue and bury it in the front yard – it worked in Michigan City…

  • We’re trying to stay warm too. I thought maybe you had moved already since you hadn’t posted for so long. “In the closet with Jesus”……. Smile, a good place to be. I do remember that song. A pretty song. It reminded me of Vaya Con Dios. I’m sure you remember that one. I don’t know who sang it, but I always liked it.

  • I’m singing the song right now.
    my son is a home appraiser and he goes by how much the houses around you have sold for not just what they were asking for.

  • It is so good to see you here Joyce, and read your post. I do think that the weather will improve the prospect of selling and buying real estate. May be this spring you will be able to sell the place.
    That was funny… your husband with Jesus in the closet! :)

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