January 24, 2014

  • Soup’s On!

    I got ambitious this Thurs. and my German genes which demand neatness and order overpowered my Irish “messy ain’t so very bad” genes, so I re-arranged all the stuff in the freezer part of my refrigerator. Now I have all the soups I’ve made and frozen in one part where I can see them…15 bean soup (15 kinds of beans), chicken taco soup and vegetarian vegetable soup. And tomorrow I’ll make a pot of broccoli soup and freeze part of it. I’ve gone through the chili so will make some more of that soon too! Love the Wendy’s chili soup recipe with lots of sweet peppers and celery in it but may do it vegetarian style this time. This zero weather means soup on the menu EVERY day for me!

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  • I’ve got Curry Pumpkin soup in the refrigerator – I have to go easy on it or will suffer the “pumpkin purge”. We had the bean/blackeyed pea soup and I think I will make some lentil soup this weekend. I used to hate soup. I’ve grown to appreciate it (except for beef vegetable).

  • I’m thinking of soup for supper tonight, but haven’t decided what kind yet. You and your daughter have given me some good ideas. Thanks.

  • I had Progressive soup yesterday=2 points of weight watchers.
    It was chicken pot pie and surprisingly good.

  • I made pumpkin soup and put a little bit of curry in it. We also had leftovers.

  • oh wow, Joyce. I am so impressed. You go girl!

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